Xfinity Speed Test

Xfinity Speed Test is the one all people prefer to test their internet speed. Xfinity Speed Test  was previously known as Comcast speed test, even now many people refer it with its old name. In 2011, it changed its name from Comcast to Xfinity Speed Test. It is a free web based internet speed testing service that has been providing accurate results from years.

Xfinity Speed Test delivers you fastest and accurate results using the advanced algorithms. It has a number of servers available based on different locations. You may choose whichever server you prefer to test your internet speed, or you may choose for automatic detection of your location. It uses your IP and asks you for granting permission to detect your location, and thus provides you nearest server for the speed test. The Xfinity Speed Test works by downloading a small amount of data and uploading it. It measures the time it takes to download and upload that sample data and at what speed in Mbps. This helps it determining your internet speed accurately.

Xfinity Speed Test also measures your network’s latency. To check this it connects itself with 26 Xfinity Ookla hosted servers. You can always check your speed and share them on the social media network. You will get a unique URL which you can copy and share and even can paste it in an excel sheet to keep the track. Other method of sharing the result is in the PNG format as it allows you to download results in PNG format.

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