While the average Internet package prices around the world can vary from country to country, in America, the average price for stand-alone internet service is around $50-60. This is just internet service fee, no equipment fees or anything.

The average internet speed which is advertised in America is about 290 Mbps, but if your speeds are faster or slower than this then it is normal. 

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[Source: The Quint]

In some areas, the speed can be as fast as 1000 Mbps, but that is available in some areas only and most people don’t need that much speed anyway. If you have internet speed above 20 Mbps, that will be more than enough for your regular internet usage.

The internet packages will vary according to location, but on average, it costs around $50.00/month for 100 Mbps. Less Expensive packages will provide you a lower bandwidth while vice versa for expensive packages.

How much Internet Speed do I need?

Now that you know about the average prices of internet packages, you need to know how much internet speed you need. To find out how much internet speed you need, you need to focus on two factors which affect everything.

  • The first being the number of devices which are connected to the internet at the same time and using it.
  • The later being the activities which those devices will perform when connected to the internet.
  • If you have a lot of devices which use the internet at the same time then you probably need a fast internet connection, a connection with higher bandwidth.
  • How those devices use the internet is also important and makes a big difference. If they are involved in activities that require a lot of data like HD video streaming or downloading, then it will definitely require a faster internet speed to work perform properly.
  • Along with these factors, you should also consider comparing internet plans and which one has the most features to offer. 
  • Consider a data plan which has no Data Limit(Unlimited Usage) and Higher Bandwidth. An internet package with Data Caps can be really annoying as you will have to keep an eye on your internet usage all the time, not to mention the overage charges.
  • We would recommend that you pick an internet plan that has no data caps, higher bandwidth speed, and stable. Any Internet connection above 20 Mbps+ would be fine for regular usage.

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