Cox Speed Test

Cox Speed Test allows you to find out the speed of your internet connection to see how well it performs. By performing a speed test, you are checking your connection to ensure that you’re getting the value that you’re paying for.

The overall interface of Cox Speed Test is very clean and user-friendly. It performs a speed test on a secure website which is fully optimized for mobile use. The website doesn’t have any annoying adverts blocking the display.

The speed test loads up relatively faster in just a couple of seconds and is ready to perform a speed test for your internet connection.

The results of the speed test aren’t very accurate but still very much better than most of its competitors, which is a good thing. Cox also provides information regarding the Ping and Jitter of your internet connection, your ISP, and the location where the test server is located. However, it doesn’t keep a track of your previously performed speed test, is kind of a negative inspect.

Once you’re done with the speed test, it provides you with a list of different instructions on how to improve your internet speed such as rebooting your router, properly connecting your cable, etc.

Overall, it is a very good speed test service from which you can find out about the speed of your internet connection. The presentation and interface is really smooth with almost accurate results.

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