Speakeasy is a simple platform that allows you to check the speed of your internet connection. It has all of its servers based in the US and it uses those servers to perform a speed test of your internet connection.

The overall website is simple to use and it keeps a record of the all previously performed speeds test and also allows you to export them to a spreadsheet file for relative comparison. The CSV file includes the date and time of the scan, your IP address, the server location, and download and upload speed.

It is a relatively easy website to use and provides accurate speed test results and also keeps a history of all those results. However, one thing that it doesn’t do is show any information regarding the latency or ping of your internet connection.

It is a drawback because both the ping and latency are important to find out how good an internet connection is, especially for the gamers.

Another place where it fails to impress is that it requires third-party plugins i.e Flash and Java plugins to run and to perform a speed test meaning all the browsers which don’t support Flash such as Safari can’t use Speakeasy.

Overall, it is a decent platform to perform a speed test for your internet connection and to find out how good your internet performs on US servers, however, it doesn’t offer any servers outside of the US, which isn’t that much of a good news.

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