Spectrum Speed Test
Spectrum Speed Test is a reliable platform by which you can test the speed of your internet connection. It provides consistent speed test result and most of the times the results are according to the expectation and the internet connection speed, which is what matters the most.

The platform has a nice and simple design and performs the speed tests on a secure platform. While performing a speed test, it provides you information regarding your ISP, IP address of the test origin site along with the location of the server. It provides a smooth and hassle-free experience with no advertisements blocking the display. The test doesn’t require any third-party plugins and runs on a secure https protocol which is what most of its competitors lack.

One of the aspects where Spectrum lags behind its competitors is that it doesn’t provide any sort of information regarding the ping or latency of the connection. Ping and latency are two of the very important things regarding an internet connection to find out its stability and stoutness.

It is a strong offering for a speed test, but the fact that it doesn’t provide any information regarding ping or latency is a head-scratcher. However, it provides a safe and secure platform to perform a speed test along with very accurate results.

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