Verizon Speed Test

Verizon Speed Test allows you to check the speed and performance of your internet connection You can check with Verizon Speed Test that are you really getting the same speed that you’re paying for. Verizon Speed Test loads up almost instantly in just a few seconds and is ready to perform a speed test, however, it takes a lot of perform a speed test and takes almost twice the amount of its competitors to load up the results.

It has a nice and good looking, simple interface that doesn’t require any third-party plugins to perform a speed test. The speed test is also performed on a secure website which is always a piece of good news. However, when performing a speed test, the results are very inconsistent and vary widely for test to test meaning that one time you can be getting half the speed of your internet connection and the next time your speed could be twice as much. So, it isn’t an accurate tool in providing correct results regarding the download and upload speeds of your internet connection as these results may mary widely, and that is not what anyone wants.

It also doesn’t give you an idea about where their testing server is located. Along with that, it doesn’t list provides any information regarding your ISP, however, they do mention your public IP on their website.

It does show the Ping/Latency results but just like others, these results aren’t accurate and can be over 10 times longer than those recorded on competing speed test sites. Verizon Speed Test isn’t really a solid option to perform a speed test just because it loads up instantly and performs the speed test on a secure site. Other than these things, it mostly fails in every aspect.

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