CenturyLink Speed Test

CenturyLink Speed Test is an online platform where you can check the speed of your broadband connection. It is a popular platform which is used by many all around the world to test the speed of their internet connection.

The main reason why CenturyLink is so popular is that it gives reliable speed test results. When performing a test, the results are always according to the expectations, sometimes even better.

The accuracy of the results is on-par with most of its competitors. The main thing which matters about a speed test is that the results should be accurate, and it manages to provide accurate results. It also provides accurate information regarding the ping and jitter time of the internet connection.

Another good aspect of CenturyLink Speed Test is that it uses a secure https connection to perform a speed test, which is always a plus point.

It has a smooth, modern, and user-friendly interface that doesn’t require any third-party plugins to run. It doesn’t have any dedicated app for Android or iOS but the speed test can be performed through the mobile version of its website.

Plus, it doesn’t have any annoying ads blocking the display of the test results, and results can easily be shared and posted on social platforms.

Overall, CenturyLink is a solid choice to perform a speed test and get to know about the download and upload speeds of your internet connection. It loads up relatively fast and also performs speed test in a decent amount of time and the results provided are very accurate.

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