Having a slow internet can really suck especially during video calls, online gaming or during the streaming of your favorite movie or any sports. It really sucks and sometimes it can mess up your whole mood.

The most probable answer to having a fast Wi-Fi connection is upgrading your Internet Connection a higher speed plan, but along with that, there are some other ways by which you improve the speed of your Wi-Fi connection.

[Source: Tom’s Guide]

Why is my Wi-Fi slow?

Before you can take steps to increase your Wi-Fi speed, you should know why is it slow in the first place and what’s causing it to slow down. Some of the common factors that could be slowing down your Wi-Fi connection includes.


Outdated hardware is one of the most common causes of why you are experiencing slow connection speeds while surfing the internet. Make sure that the equipment that you use including your computers, routers, and modems are capable of handling the speeds that your ISP provides.

Network Sharing:

Most ISPs won’t give customers a dedicated internet connection, instead, multiple users in the same area will be connected to the same network causing high traffic which can result in your Internet connection being affected.

Multiple Devices:

Many times, it can be that a good number of devices are connected to the same Wi-Fi connection and all of them are using the internet for different purpose due to which the speed can slow down.

Placement of Router:

The router should be placed at a location where it can easily provide the best signals possible. It is a bad idea to put a wireless router in cabinets or basements where it wouldn’t be able to provide the best signals.

How to improve the Wi-Fi speeds?

One of the things that people do is upgrade their connection plan which can increase their Wi-Fi connection speed, but there are some other ways too that one can apply can increase their Wi-Fi speeds.

Update Router and its firmware:

If your Router/Modem is outdated, then it is best that you upgrade your router.

If you have a new Router/Modem, then you should perform a firmware update as it will help you to have fast Wi-Fi speeds.

Limit Bandwidth:

Another thing that you can do is limit bandwidth. That includes both the users and services.

If a person is using his computer to download too much and is sucking all the internet towards his computer, then you can always limit his bandwidth through the router’s settings in order to prevent your Wi-Fi speeds from slowing down.

Video chats, online gaming, and video streaming are online services that use a lot of bandwidth and you can limit the bandwidth for these services through Quality of Service (QoS) settings.

Changing the Channels:

Routers use different wireless channels to send and receive signals. Changing channels on your router can sometimes help you to increase the speed of your Wi-Fi connection.

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