Life has been very easy since Wi-Fi was invented and it has made it easy for all of us to connect to the Internet from anywhere. Whether we are sitting on the couch in the living room, or Netflixing in our bedroom, Wi-Fi has made it easy for us.

Although Wi-Fi networks are pretty useful for us, if unprotected, they can lead to pretty huge data leaks and most of your data getting stolen. So, when connected to a Public Wi-Fi network, one should always take precautionary measures in order to prevent any mishaps.Wi-Fi-Phone

1. Turning off sharing settings

Most of the apps and the default mobile settings have sharing options enabled by default which is fine when connected to a secure network, but not when connected to a public Wi-Fi network. Therefore, you should turn off such sharing options in order to prevent anyone from snooping into your smartphone.

2. Choosing secure networks

When given an option to choose between an open, unprotected network and a secure, password protected network, then always choose the latter even if you have to pay for it as a secure network will prevent any intruders to barge into your network.

3. Disable Wi-Fi when not in use

Another thing that you can do is turn off the Wi-Fi when not using it as to limit the amount of time that the attackers can have to attack your device. So, when you are not using your device’s Wi-Fi, take a moment to turn off the Wi-Fi.

4. Join an official network

When attending an event or party, always ask the administration which the real Wi-Fi network. You may end up joining a network which is specifically designed to steal all of your information.

So, when on a party or event, choose the official, trusted network of the event or business where you are trying to connect. If you are confused between different network, ask an official to guide you.

5. Use a VPN

When connected to an open, public Wi-Fi network, make sure that you are using a VPN(virtual private network) to surf the internet. Not only will it make your internet connection safe and secure, but it will also prevent anyone else to find out what you are really doing on the internet thanks to the secure protocols that the VPNs are using.

6. Log out of services before joining a public network

Before you join a public network, make sure that you close all of your important apps and log out of all those important services including your bank accounts.

This will make sure that no one on the public Wi-Fi will be able to steal all the information stored within your browser and apps.

7. Don’t fall for any fake update popups

Make sure that your apps are up-to-date before you leave your home for a trip or event where you will be using a public Wi-Fi network.

This is important because, on certain Wi-Fi networks, the attackers can initiate certain pop-ups and prompts asking you to update your apps which aren’t really app updates, but malware.

So, avoid installing any such malware and keep your apps up-to-date.

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