Difference between Mobile Broadband and Fixed Wireless

Staying up to date with latest technologies can be very difficult because everyday there is a new invention out in the market. As the internet evolves, so do the networks that deliver it into your hands. If you are a smartphone user you will be quite interested in getting to know the differences between “Fixed […]

What is a Backhaul?

Backhaul, a term probably derived from the trucking industry, has several usages in information technology. In a hierarchical telecommunications network, the backhaul portion of the network comprises the intermediate links between the core network, or backbone network, and the small subnetworks at the edge of the network. A backhaul improves the speed of your data […]

What is Data Roaming?

Roaming is a wireless telecommunication term basically used with mobile devices. It refers to the mobile phone being used outside the range of its home network and connects to another available cell network. Data Roaming is a process through which you connect to the internet while you are away from wireless connections(Wi-Fi). But if you […]

5 Tips to Reduce Data Usage

You might have heard people complaining about their thousands of dollars of the Internet. You may think that these overage bills are just some myths and legends, but there are true and have happened to people. People had to pay thousands of dollars for just using the Internet over the limit. One such incident happened […]