Difference between Mobile Broadband and Fixed Wireless

Staying up to date with latest technologies can be very difficult because everyday there is a new invention out in the market. As the internet evolves, so do the networks that deliver it into your hands. If you are a smartphone user you will be quite interested in getting to know the differences between “Fixed […]

7 Reasons why you may be experiencing slow Wi-Fi Speed

1. Wi-Fi Router/Modem Location One of the most common reasons why you are getting slow Wi-Fi is the fact that your Wi-Fi device is far away from you. The farther the Wi-Fi device is, the weaker will be the signals and consequently, you will get slow Wi-Fi speeds. Relocating your Router/Modem may help you to […]

6 Tips to Improve Your Wi-Fi Speed

You may have read tons of articles over the internet which suggest you how you can improve the speed of your Wi-Fi. but most of those articles are never as easy as they claim to be. However, this isn’t like that and we have got the tips for you that we have implemented and it […]

How to extend the Wireless Coverage of your Router?

Do you know what’s worse than having a slow internet connection? When you find out that the Wi-Fi connection doesn’t reach your room even after you upgrade your internet connection. One of the main reasons why people upgrade their internet connection is to cover all the devices in the home so, everyone will be able […]

How to Protect Your Device When Using a Public Wi-Fi?

Life has been very easy since Wi-Fi was invented and it has made it easy for all of us to connect to the Internet from anywhere. Whether we are sitting on the couch in the living room, or Netflixing in our bedroom, Wi-Fi has made it easy for us. Although Wi-Fi networks are pretty useful […]